I've been working for some of the top design firms and advertising agencies in the world, servicing everyone from small businesses to Fortune 40 corporations. I know how to quickly create award-winning, user-centric work that gets brands noticed and provides value to their customers.


1. Research

Market & user research

Trends & insights reporting

UX & product strategy

2. User Experience Design

Wireframes & site mapping

Interface design for any screen size


User testing

3. Branding

4. Content

Brand strategy

Identity design

Packaging design

Social media marketing

Animation & video


Since 2007,

I was almost a lawyer,

but my 10th grade art teacher found out I applied to a polysci program and quickly intervened. I'm an identical twin but most people mistake me for this guy. A lot of my spare time is spent talking to Alexa about my living room lights. I've read The Singularity is Near and feel very optimistic about the future.

For three months I was a correctional officer. The next trip I have planned is Dia de Muertos.  My favorite show contains a character named Bob Loblaw. I have cute aggression and want to bite my dog. In cricket I've pulled off a Robin Hood twice. Dark Skies nearly gave me a panic attack.

Life is good, and I try to never stop moving.

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